Source indexing with PowerShell (and TeamCity)

Source indexing is definitely a “best practice”, when developing libraries that will be referenced as binaries.

Getting it working as part of a CI build can be a bit fiddly though.

There are a few pre-requisites for the build agent:

  1. Perl (>= 5.6): Strawberry Perl portable, for example
  2. SrcSrv: Part of the Debugging Tools for Windows
  3. SVN: command line e.g. Win32SVN (zip install)

All the above tools can be xcopy installed, but feel free to use an msi.

To index your PDBs, you need to run svnindex. Using TeamCity, you can add a PowerShell build step (in our case, after build & test, and before NuGet packaging):

function srcIndex([string] $project)
  & svnindex.cmd /debug /source=$project /symbols="$project\bin"

write-host "Updating path"
$env:path = "$env:path;D:\perl\perl\site\bin;D:\perl\perl\bin;D:\perl\c\bin;D:\srcsrv;D:\svn\bin"
write-host "Path: $env:path"
$env:term = "dumb" #strawberry perl portable specific

srcIndex "\src\MyProject"

We start by updating the path, to include the location of the necessary exes (you can skip this if you used an installer for the pre-reqs). We then point svnindex at the source, and symbols.

If you want to index all your projects, you can loop over them:

gci "\src" -r -i *.csproj | foreach { srcIndex $_.fullname }

The working dir for the build step needs to be the drive root e.g. D:\, as the indexing scripts don’t like relative paths (and you’ll see the dreaded “… zero source files found …”).

Then you just need to enable Source Server support in Visual Studio (uncheck “Just my code”), and luxuriate in full source debugging!

EDIT: Make sure the VCS root is set to checkout on the agent, not the server, as the information required is in the SVN repo.

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