TeamCity publishes broken NuGet packages

We use TeamCity (7.0.3) both as a CI server, and a private NuGet feed. I have a lot of love for TC, but I currently have one major concern:

If my tests fail, TC still publishes the NuGet packages.

Not cool.

I raised this is an issue with JetBrains, and was told it was a feature request. And, that as a workaround, I could split my builds in two and separate the publish step from the rest of the build.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a showstopper bug. It introduces broken behaviour out of the box, which you won’t find out about until you realise a broken package is in use downstream. If JetBrains expects people to use TeamCity as a NuGet feed, this needs to be fixed.

(There’s also no (easy) way to remove packages from the feed, but I’m less concerned about that :) )

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