Mmm, curry

Currying and partial function application are two concepts from functional programming that sound far more complicated than they really are.

One of the times I find myself wishing it were more convenient to do in JavaScript is when trying to escape callback hell by extracting functions:

var shared = new Shared();
doSomething(shared).then(function(result) {
    somethingElse(shared, result);

It would be nice to be able to go straight to this:

var shared = new Shared();

Of course this wouldn’t work, as the somethingElse function expects 2 parameters instead of just one.

If JavaScript supported partial application in the way that the ML family of languages do, then we could say:


But that means something entirely different in JavaScript: the result of the function being executed with one argument would be passed in.

It’s relatively straightforward to write a curry function and use that, but there is an alternative; returning an appropriate function from the called method:

var shared = new Shared();

function somethingElse(shared, result) {
    return function(result) {
        // do something with shared & result

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