Matching partial request bodies with Nock

A recent update to Nock meant that partial matches of the request body would no longer match (one dev’s bug is another’s feature).

Their recommended solution is to supply a predicate, and do the check yourself. That’s simple when just checking one property, but I didn’t really want to re-invent the wheel.

Seeing as I’m already using sinon, that seemed like the obvious solution:

    var expected = {a: 1};

            .post("/bar", checkReqBody(expected))
            .reply(200, '{}');

        function checkReqBody(expected) {
            return reqBody => {
                return true;

This works fine in the success case; but if the match fails, throwing an error in that callback tears down the test runner process, rather than failing the test.

A bit of digging in the sinon (and sinon-chai) source revealed the right method to call:

    return reqBody => {
        return sinon.match(expected).test(reqBody);

This is now equivalent to the previous behaviour, if the match fails you get the generic nock error. I wanted to make more use of the sinon output, when the match failed, but never really got anywhere with it.

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