Word chains (Part 1)

I’ve recently been using the word chains kata for interviewing, and I thought it might be interesting to try using Erlang, and property testing.

The first step is to get a word list. I thought most linux distros came with a dictionary file, but my laptop only had a crack lib, which wasn’t really what I was looking for.

I had used this npm package before, so I just downloaded the text file it provides. With that hand, getting a list of words is easy:

word_list() ->
    {ok, Data} = file:read_file("words.txt"),
    binary:split(Data, [<<"\n">>], [global]).

The next step is to find all words that are one letter away from the first word. So we create a property:

prop_next_word_should_be_new() ->
    ?FORALL({FirstWord, LastWord}, valid_words(),
            NextWord = word_chains:next_word(FirstWord, LastWord),
            NextWord =/= FirstWord

For each first word/last word pair, we check that the next word is different from the first word. We also need a generator, of valid words:

valid_words() ->
    ?SUCHTHAT({FirstWord, LastWord},
        ?LET(N, choose(2, 10),
                WordList = word_chains:word_list(),
                SameLengthWords = lists:filter(fun(W) -> length(W) =:= N end, WordList),
                {random_word(SameLengthWords), random_word(SameLengthWords)}
    FirstWord =/= LastWord).

random_word(Words) ->
    lists:nth(rand:uniform(length(Words)), Words).

First we pick a random number, in the range (2, 10), and then pick 2 words of that length, from the full word list, at random. This could result in the same word being used as both first & last word, so we filter that out, using the ?SUCHTHAT macro.

For now, we can make this pass by simply returning the last word:

next_word(_FirstWord, LastWord) ->
$ ./rebar3 proper
===> Verifying dependencies...
===> Compiling word_chains
===> Testing prop_word_chains:prop_next_word_should_be_new()
OK: Passed 100 test(s).
1/1 properties passed

Boom! Next time, a more useful implementation of next word.

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