Uploading to Strava from Arch Linux

I’ve had a MBP for work for the last year or so, so had side-stepped the misery of getting GPS data from my Forerunner 305 on to Strava. Now I’m back on Arch full time, and the plugin I was using no longer works; so it was time to find a new approach.

The first thing you will need is a copy of garmintools, which no longer seems to be available in the AUR. If you can get that built and installed, then I refer you to my previous article to get it working.

At that point, you should be able to run “garmin_save_runs”, and all the data on your device will be exported (in the current working directory!). The data is organised by date, so it should be pretty easy to find the track you want.

Unfortunately, the data is exported as a “.gmn” file, which isn’t supported by Strava; so we need to convert it. Next stop is garmin-dev. You can either clone the repo (if you know what git is), or just download the zip. It’s then as simple as pointing the tool at your file, and saving the output:

./gmn2tcx 20160801T151814.gmn > 20160801T151814.tcx

And uploading the tcx file to Strava. Happy trails!